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Kwame Nkrumah's Secret Camp - Obenemasi, Ashanti Region  

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Secret Camps ran by Chinese and Soviet experts to train agents to subvert O.A.U. member nations, Listening to devices must be placed in the rooms of delegates to the O.A.U. conference in Accra ." Osagefo Dr. Kwame Nkrumah (Kofi Nwia) The secret camps were located at Damongo, in the Northern Region, at Half Asini , at Mankrong and at Obenemasi.

The first of these training camps was that at Mankrong, identified in the Bureau of African Affairs files at the M.K.G. project, and it was opened in November, 1961. Mankrong is situated at the bank of the Afram river some 35 miles from the town of Mpraeso. In December, 1961 the Bureau of African Affairs took over four government rest-houses, those at Mankrong, Worobon, Kwahu, Adawso and Mpraeso, for its exclusive use and no one was permitted even to enter the grounds of these rest-houses. The first course offered at the Mankrong began on 3rd
December 1961, but little was accomplished until the arrival of two Russian instructors, sent from Moscow for this purpose. The first course was completed on June 23rd 1962 and the Russian instructors left for Accra and then for Moscow the following day.

The second course began on 4th September, 1962 and was completed sometime in April 1963, since the four rest-houses were released by the Bureau of African Affaires on 2nd May 1963. The instructors were two members of the Bureau who had themselves taken the first course under the Russian.

Obenemasi Secret Camp Grounds - Ashanti Region

On 14th September 1964, Barden wrote to Nkrumah concerning the funds required to provide the basic needs for the Chinese instructors  (four were expected at the time) for six months. This included food, furniture, refrigerator, stove, bedding and cook-steward.  The entry of the Chinese guerilla warfare instructors in Ghana was kept secret at the request of the Chinese Embassy. In advance of the instructors' arrival, the Embassy informed the Bureau of African Affairs that it would not be safe for the men to live in a hotel and that special arrangements should be made for their accommodation in Accra before they proceeded to the camp.

The Embassy said that this was necessary in view of the delicate nature of their assignment in Ghana and also in view of the various allegations by the imperialists that China was encouraging  subversion in certain countries.

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